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Bent Garage Door Tracks Or Garage Door Off-Track?

You will eventually need to replace or repair twisted, broken, or misaligned garage door tracks. We will be happy to assist you if you give us a call at (780) 883-0414 .

The experts in garage doors are Delta Garage Door Technicians.

Do you want or need to have a new garage door installed? Maybe the tracks on your current garage door are bent, and you need a replacement. At Delta Garage Door, we stock all the top brands and models. Additionally, we are renowned for our knowledge and unmatched professionalism.

You can rely on Delta Garage Door to have the finest solution for bent garage door tracks, whether you require replacement or repairs. If you need off track garage door repair in St. Albert, give us a call. 

Our technicians work rather quickly in addition to being subject matter experts. Since we’ve been in the business for years, we’ve never broken our pledge to keep customers happy.


Garage Door Track Replacement

If your garage door’s track is damaged or bent, it won’t open or close properly. Garage door tracks can, of course, be replaced. But you should be aware that the process is pretty difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, you can’t accomplish it by yourself. You’ll need help because garage doors often weigh 400 pounds or so. Your best option in any situation is to have skilled technicians replace your bent garage door tracks. Sometimes, though, all the tracks require repair. It is possible to prevent damage from growing to the point where replacement is the only viable issue by learning how to recognize the early indications of damage. The following are indications that you should repair your garage door tracks:

Shaking Garage Door

Your garage door probably needs repairs if it exhibits any odd motion, such as shaking. Keep in mind that if you neglect the issue, it could eventually result in accidents and injuries. The door may be off the track and coming away from the rails. It can damage anything nearby when it swings down.

You should get in touch with Delta Garage Door to prevent terrible situations. If there are any worn-out or damaged parts, our technicians will check the condition of the rails. We'll ensure everything is in good functioning order.

Slanted Garage Door

Check to see if there seems to be any unevenness in the way the garage door opens and closes. If it doesn't open and close properly, there might be a problem with the rails. The door, for example, can be a little off-track.

Now, you might believe that you can handle this problem by yourself. However, we advise contacting qualified technicians instead. Remember that you are attempting to move a piece of mind that weighs at least 400 pounds. The garage door can entirely come off its rails if you don't have the correct equipment and knowledge. It may damage or harm anything beneath it or, worse yet, may lead to deadly injuries.

We'll inspect the rails when you call Delta Garage Door technicians to reinstall your garage door on its track. We'll ensure there aren't any more problems that need to be resolved. We will suggest a suitable solution if we spot any problems.

Damaged Garage Door Track

Your garage door's rails should be inspected to check for damage. As quickly as possible, visible problems like dings and dents must be repaired or replaced. Keep in mind that minor problems might lead to larger ones that might compromise the complete garage door system.

The rails must be in excellent condition to ensure that the door will open and close smoothly. Otherwise, the door can put individuals at risk or lead to accidents that might damage things.

How Can a Bent Garage Door Track Be Repaired?

A garage door system has numerous moving parts. It’s entirely normal for the parts to eventually wear out because you use the door frequently. For instance, the track may readily bend if something gets stuck in the grooves. As a result, the garage door may become misaligned.

You may now be wondering if you can repair a bent garage door track by yourself. Before you make a choice, let’s examine the process:

Greasing Moving Parts

To keep the wheels and tracks from bending, constant lubrication is essential. Lubricants like silicon oil, light oil, or spray lubrication should be used on all the system's moving parts, notably the hinges and rollers.

If you don't know where to look for these parts, the process could take a while. On the other hand, if you hire us to perform garage door tune-ups and inspections, we'll ensure that all the moving parts are adequately oiled.

The Garage Door Tracks Must Be Inspected

To keep the door from veering off course, it's critical to identify and fix bent garage door tracks as soon as they appear. Consequently, you should always check that the tracks are straight. They ought to be vertical, straight, and at an equal distance from one another. Otherwise, they might be bent, throwing the door off track as a whole.

The bolts holding the bent garage door tracks in place need to be loosened to fix them. To return the track to its upright position, but it is a light touch. The bent tracks can also be straightened with a pair of pliers. Once the track is perfectly straight, the bolts will be tightened back into place.

Should You Hire a Technician or Repair Bent Garage Door Tracks?

Typically, a claw hammer can be used to fix bent vertical garage door tracks. Many will claim that the procedure for fixing garage doors is fairly simple. You’ll probably need a replacement, though, if it doesn’t resolve the issue.

You should now hire a technician if your horizontal garage door tracks are bent. It could be unsafe to try to fix this on your own.

Nevertheless, if they become damaged or bent, you shouldn’t disregard them as a matter of the kind of tracks your garage door has. The door might keep opening for a while. It will eventually veer off course, though, and other parts will sustain early damage.

Keep in mind that broken garage doors result in thousands of accidents and injuries each year. It is therefore advisable that you speak with A1 technicians.

Garage Door Rails: Are They Universal?

Most garage doors have rails installed during installation that are customized for them. In actuality, every garage door system that is constructed includes a unique set of tracks or rails. Now, a garage door won’t open if you try to fit a different rail for it. In most cases, the current rails won’t function if you replace an existing garage door. To replace the room for the new garage door, all the parts must be replaced. Despite looking comparable, garage door tracks never have a standard design. As a result, if you require a replacement, you’ll also need to remodel the entire system. The garage door will ensure smoothly if this course of action is taken.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door Track?

The cost of repairing a garage door track ranges from $125 to $400, according to Home Advisor. You’ll spend an additional $50 to $100 if you decide to replace it because it is dented or damaged, but each Track Repair is different. Call us to schedule your FREE, On-Site Estimate to get the most accurate estimate for repairs to your system.

You require Delta Garage Door-Level service for your bent garage door tracks.

Misaligned, damaged, or bent garage door tracks can be the result of numerous problems. This issue arises for a variety of reasons, including a damaged cable, insufficient roller lubrication, a broken drum connection, metal fatigue, and a deteriorated jamb. Matter of what led to your damaged garage door rails, you require a solution immediately. The problem can result in more expensive problems if you neglect it.

As already mentioned, straightforward roller lubrication may be the solution. However, changing the tracks is usually necessary. Call the assistance of a reputable professional, such as Delta Garage Door, if you want a precise diagnosis of the issue!

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